Diploma in Business Skills?

Hi Everyone!

It's been a long time since I've posted on here... Since I have managed to pass all my exams and become qualified :)

My only issue now, is that I have this Diploma in Business Skills looming over me - is anyone else having to do this? And is anyone else thinking what a waste of time it is?

It's formed a very basic modules that are just time consuming for someone who is working 10 hour days at a minimum. I'm being pushed to do this as quickly as possible, when in all honesty, now that I've managed to earn my diploma in Accounting, I couldn't care less about? I'm presuming it's essential to my apprenticeship but it feels so pointless.

Any help to motivate myself, or any easy ways around ticking the boxes without wasting too much time would be appreciated!

Thanks :)
Here to help
~AAT Qualified~


  • jmorgo7
    jmorgo7 Registered Posts: 18
    Hi Amy,

    I'm in the same boat! Finished the accounting qualification and I'm now MAAT but I have to do the Business Skills units.

    I think most of the units are really unnecessary. An apprentice at the end of AAT would have already been working in an accounts role for around 2 and a half years so they should already have most of these skills.

    My tutor told me I can do a professional discussion for a lot of the work. Meaning we just talk through the unit instead of actually writing an essay which is easier. I did that for the working in teams unit and it wasn't really hard at all even though I work in a team of two!

    Also I will be making and delivering a presentation on our business which will take care of the following three units:

    Developing Commercial Awareness
    Deliver a Presentation
    Presentation Software

    I think I will really become stuck on the project finances unit as it isn't something we ever do in my workplace.

    Really disappointed to have the extra workload though, especially as I'm looking to move straight on to chartered which will provide me with plenty of work!

  • Amy Smith
    Amy Smith Registered Posts: 54 ? ? ?
    Completely agree!

    All I have left to do is the managing project finance and the commercial awareness which feels like a complete waste of time.

    Whats worse is that I have my first ACA exams in a couple of months so I'm having to revise for that (it feels much more important) which means I'm falling behind on this diploma.

    Maybe this can be downsized for students in the future - or even potentially scrapped completely!

    Glad i'm not the only one :)

    Here to help
    ~AAT Qualified~
  • jmorgo7
    jmorgo7 Registered Posts: 18
    edited April 2015
    Sounds like you aren't far off completing it then!

    The developing commercial awareness isn't too difficult once you get started. I just worked through the mapping document to make sure I hit all the points. It still seems like quite a pointless exercise though.

    I understand AAT had to introduce more credits to the apprenticeship scheme to meet government standards but I would have much rather done some advanced accounting units which could have bridged the knowledge gap between AAT and chartered which I've heard it is quite a step up!

    Good luck with your ACA exam :)
  • hasan
    hasan Registered Posts: 65
    Hi Amy, What's the difference between ACA and ACCA?.
    I'm planning on starting ACCA, soon after I complete AAT Level 4. I heard you have to been on an apprenticeship in order to do ACA is that right?

    I look forward to hearing from you due in course.


  • tang0701
    tang0701 Registered Posts: 1
    Hi, Everybody!

    I am currently in this position too, and my assessor would like me to combine a few units together:
    Developing Commercial Awareness
    Deliver a presentation
    Presentation Software

    I was wondering if anyone has been in the same position as me and could possibly send me examples of their work so I can see what to do? I've been sitting in front of my computer and staring at a blank powerpoint..... :/

    Many thanks for your help!

  • AbbyCarr
    AbbyCarr Registered Posts: 157
    Hi @tang0701 I am currently studying this diploma. However I combined Working in Teams, Deliver a Presentation and Presentation Software
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