*Read before posting: How to post a job*

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  • This category is for offerings of both paid employment and unpaid work experience.
  • For ease of scanning the list of posts, please format discussion titles as follows:

    - Location / (FT/PT) Job title (if unpaid, state ‘volunteer’ here) / Who you are (e.g. Recruiter, employer, MIP)

         - Milton Keynes / (PT) Accounts Assistant (volunteer) / MIP
         - Aberdeen / (PT) Finance Apprentice / Employer
         - Sunderland / (FT) Management Accountant / Recruiter
  • In the body of your post, include further relevant info such as the application deadline, a link to the job description and/or contact details.
  • To keep the category relevant and consistent, speculative appeals for employment/work experience will be removed.

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