Level of 'teaching' on ICAS

Can I ask how much help tutors usually give on the ICAS project, as in post submission feedback and tips on what to think about changing?


  • hasan
    hasan Registered Posts: 65
    not much I submitted my first draft and my tutor hasn't even given me feedback
  • richf
    richf Registered Posts: 86 New contributor ?
    Feedback on my proposal seemed mainly generic. Feedback on my first two sections submitted has helped a bit but surprised not more extensive as I really wasn't sure what I was doing...I.e. Not sure I was going in right direction.
  • richf
    richf Registered Posts: 86 New contributor ?
    How long since you submitted first draft @hasan? Who are you studying with?
  • hasan
    hasan Registered Posts: 65
    I submitted my first draft about 2 weeks ago, and I'm studying through Calderdale College which is located in Halifax
  • Christina
    Christina Registered Posts: 33 New contributor ?
    I've had constructive feedback on my plan and been given the go-ahead to write the report. Two of my six weaknesses weren't relevant to the function and the tutor has suggested areas to think about as replacements. Also some "good" remarks, and pointers for what extra things to put in. I feel a bit more confident now :)
  • pcabb
    pcabb Registered Posts: 3
    I find it really odd, I have studied at degree level (long time ago) and received guidance if needed whereas here it has been made very clear that we are on our own and no help will be given - a submission needs to be made for feedback.

    I am very unimpressed tbh. I wonder if it is just my trainer. I will do another submission but am actually considering contacting other providers to see what sort of backup they give and paying again.
  • richf
    richf Registered Posts: 86 New contributor ?
    edited May 2015
    @pcabb , I'm studying with BPP, assistance I get from them is/are...
    >Two interactive Q&A sessions, I got a few pointers from these, but wasn't really at a stage where I knew what to ask.
    >'Online Learning Environment' which has recorded lectures ( I think Two) and forum where you can ask questions.
    >A tutor. I can email questions, but never know what to ask until after submitted section.
    >Feedback on sections, it's a bit vague, but has some useful points, I'm just going through mine now for last sections. I'm keeping a draft email open with points I need clarification on from tutor. I'm hoping having addressed the points that this section will be a pass, but don't know if that's the case.

    I'm finding the whole process a bit weird, I've done a project and a dissertation at degree level but this seems structured to the point of confusing the whole thing! If I were to do an essay plan for myself and just get on with it then I'd find it a lot easier.

    As my report is supposedly to a Finance Director a lot of the stuff I'm writing, if it were for real, would be like teaching my grandmother to suck eggs!
  • Christina
    Christina Registered Posts: 33 New contributor ?
    I'm with Kaplan. We get 3 web-ex recordings to watch (but spaced out as we complete each step) loads of information on fraud, an online text book, a planning template to fill in and submit, sample reports and an explanation of the performance criteria. Tbh I'm finding it a bit too much information as much of it is duplicated in different documents.

    Up to now I have completed all the units classroom-based so this is a bit different for me. I've not done a degree so nothing else to compare it to but after being in a classroom environment for the last 2 1/2 years, I do feel out on my own now :/ . My next deadline is the end of June for the first submission of my full report, though I actually have until October to complete the unit, if I need it.

    I like that Kaplan are setting short(ish) deadlines - they are not set in stone like the AAT 4/6 months but it gives me something more meaningful to work to as I would struggle with procrastination otherwise.

    @pcabb who are you studying with ?
  • pcabb
    pcabb Registered Posts: 3
    A local (small) college - no help at all other than a 'workshop' where the tutor ran through a powerpoint presentation. Submission feedback is not very helpful, I need to re-submit soon to give me time to have another go before my six month deadline.

    No section submission allowed for feedback - all or nothing. I feel like it is a waste of my money tbh, would have chosen another provider if I had any inclination how this was dealt with by my provider.

    I am looking for recommendations as I will go to another provider when this ultimately fails!
  • richf
    richf Registered Posts: 86 New contributor ?
    You might still pass mate, don't give up all hope!
    I'm now finding the criteria a good benchmark of what I have to cover, if that helps.

    Gave my BPP tutor a splurge of bullet pointed questions regarding my feedback and the next sections and pleasantly surprised with the amount of help I received. I know that doesn't help you now, but might help you making a choice later on if you do not pass.
  • KarenMustardTutor
    KarenMustardTutor Registered, Tutor Posts: 28
    Hello pcabb
    You are very welcome to look at my guide to writing the ISYS project. It is on my website www.mustardaccountancy.com
    It will help you with the layout and how to start.
    Once you have made a submission your assessor will give you feedback.
    I agree with richf that the assessment criteria are a big help. You must meet all criteria.
    You have 5 submissions so once you have received some feedback and made your adjustments I am sure you will be fine.
    As an assessor I find that occasionally students do not action the feedback given - so make sure you action all the points, even if it takes a while.

    Good luck with the project.
  • Nps
    Nps Registered Posts: 782
    I received zero feedback/guidance in my ICAS project - it was a shocking waste of my money and I gained nothing from it. I got given generic feedback which clearly didn't relate to my submission. My final submission was almost identical to my first and the tutor didn't seem to notice that I submitted almost identical reports regardless of what her feedback said.

    For example, I spent quite a bit of time trying to find the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that were mentioned in my feedback - I was quite embarrassed by it as I would never normally submit a professional piece of work with basic errors in it. After deciding that there were definitely no errors, I had to assume that the feedback wasn't meant for me at all.

    I wouldn't have minded so much had the project had not cost me almost as much to complete as the rest of the modules put together.
  • CeeJaySix
    CeeJaySix Registered Posts: 645
    I did mine through Premier and Kay there was very good; plenty of guidance supplied in advance along with a template to give an idea of how to lay the report out. After my first submission her feedback was minimal but specific, I changed the few bits she picked up on and passed on second submission. They also provide the Osborne book which was fairly useful as a guide.
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