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I sat my Financial Performance exam over 4 weeks ago & wondered how long the results take to come through?


  • ChristianBChristianB AAT Online Community Coordinator Posts: 205Registered
    Hi @thuffer123

    Level 4 results can take up to six weeks as they're manually marked. Read more about receiving your AAT assessment results here.

    I have now left AAT. If you require any assistance with the forums, please contact membership support:
  • rosiefaithrosiefaith Posts: 17Registered
    The past three exams I have taken my results came in five weeks
  • thuffer123thuffer123 Posts: 25Registered
    It's 5 weeks today since I sat exam so really hoping to get them in the next day or two. I'm very impatient & hate waiting.
  • thuffer123thuffer123 Posts: 25Registered
    I passed my Financial Performance - last exam in 2 weeks :-)
  • wabisabiwabisabi Feels At Home Posts: 130Registered
    well done - it's a great feeling! :)
  • richfrichf Just Joined Posts: 86Registered
    edited June 2015
    All my level for results have taken close to six weeks, it sucks when been spoilt at previous levels with immediate results!

    Might depend on where you take the test and how quickly they submit the results to AAT though......I'm with BPP.
  • thuffer123thuffer123 Posts: 25Registered
    Thanks. Full on revision for Financial Statements exam on 24th now. Can't believe it's nearly all over. Just what will I do with all my spare time
  • richfrichf Just Joined Posts: 86Registered
    Last exam @thuffer123 ?

    I've just got project and business tax now....can't wait for it all to be over.

    My house is literally deteriorating around me lol, toilet flush tricky, sink tap leaking, kitcken light switch broken and daren't take my son out in the garden for fear of losing him in the forest that it has become this year! I blame level 4 for this neglect... though its probably not entirely to blame.
  • thuffer123thuffer123 Posts: 25Registered
    Project is fairly straightforward once you get started!

    I know what you mean about everything taking a backseat - it definitely takes its toll by end of Level 4. Good Luck with your last exams x
  • leptionleption Posts: 36Registered
    I've failed my FP exam. I'll have to a resit and i have two more resits to do. I've only passed one level 4 exam so far having done 4 exams, not good. I've done my project though, so that's one less. It is hard doing level 4 I don't work at the moment, I'm a stay at home mum but its still hard work.
  • thuffer123thuffer123 Posts: 25Registered
    Oh no sorry to hear that - I can imagine it is very hard going for you! I found it hard going & I don't have kids.
    I am currently awaiting last exam results which I hope to get in the next few days (5 weeks on Wednesday since took it) I think I might have failed but time will soon tell.

    Wishing you all the best with your exams xx
  • leptionleption Posts: 36Registered
    Thanks for your encouragement. I have three resits to do now, plus Financial Statements the course finishes in December, so it's going to be really hard now to catch up.
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