What *other* careers have you had?

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We've asked this question in a few places this week and have had some interesting responses. Would you say you've had multiple careers? What did you used to do?


  • CeeJaySix
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    I was a Royal Marine for the best part of ten years, left in 2013.

    Been in my current role just over two years, completed AAT and have my ACA finals in November. Bit of a change of pace!
  • MarieNoelle
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    In a previous life I was a personnel manager then HR deputy manager - moved to England and didn't have the "right" qualifications so went into training, then set up a partnership to teach French in after school clubs. I then realised I was more interested in the "running" of the business than the actual teaching and started AAT in my early forties.
    But I am most of all a full time mum of 3 children :)
  • anitaadams
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    I have a Psychology Degree. I mainly worked as a research assistant but after being a full time mum found myself helping out my husband with his small business with the finances - I am now attempting level 4 but finding it a little difficult running a home, full time job and looking after my many animals.
  • StuartW
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  • pawprint81
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    Kennel Maid for 6 years between finance jobs!
  • richf
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    I don't consider that I have ever had a career... though I've never been out of work.

    Whilst at university and collage before I did many jobs, removals, night clubs, factories, roofing and worked on a few farms, being from a rural background. towards end of uni and since I have worked in a printers, mostly on pre-press and digital, but done it all in these years.

    Should be of finished AAT this year, then time to take the jump into accountancy! At 33 I'm hopefully young enough to get in somewhere on a training position with funding for ACCA but will have to just see.
  • clees
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    i've worked in a shop, then a cheese factorys labouraty and most reasontly a civil engineering company for 3 years where i started at the bottom and when i left i was suporvisory level.

    now im 'going back to school' and starting an apprenticship in accounting. massive changes in direction but hopfuly one that will pull off and allow me to realise the dream of opening a recruitment company.

  • burg
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    I trained as a Pharmcy Technician when I left school. Was quite an interesting role based in a hospital making feeds for premature babies and chemotherapy. Ultimately though the pay was not that great and the chances for progression very limited. I left there and retrained as an accountant at a practice before starting my own practice in 2009

  • Gem7321
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    I took a brief break from accountancy to work in recruitment and found it so dull so I returned to practice less than 12 months later!
  • LigaKa
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    I was a barber, client mananger and then became a mommy.
  • kelsmick
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    I was a materials controller and buyer before starting my studies.
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