What would be best for me?

It is my medium to long term ambition to start and run my own business in road transport. However the one area that's really worrying me and perhaps holding me back somewhat is a lack of confidence and understanding in accountancy and also the book-keeping and using of these financial figures.

I have experience of the industry both through extensive office/administration work and practical driving work. I have a diploma in Business Studies which I completed in 2010 as well as other, transport specific qualifications. However, I've always struggled with accountancy and book-keeping, and didn't do very well in it at college. If I remember correctly, I only got a Pass in the accountancy unit, but this was somewhat overshadowed by much better marks in contract law and other business areas.

Searching online has only revealed a myriad of courses, and I haven't a clue which would be best for me as I don't really want to be studying business. As it looks like it's going to cost enough as it is, I wish to find a course suited for my needs and not get bogged down in stuff that isn't relevant.

If you can understand that, thank you, and any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!! :)


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