Contribute ideas to AAT's e-learning production process

StuartW Registered Posts: 472 Dedicated contributor 🦉
If you've used AAT's interactive e-learning modules in your revision, you'll notice that sometimes we use storytelling and 'real world' examples to communicate concepts (examples in the pictures below).

Our Learning Services team is looking to produce more materials of this nature, and would welcome suggestions from you. Can you think of scenarios that could help put units in context? Have you ever thought you'd have grasped a concept more quickly if you'd been able to interact with a 'real world example'?

Please feel free to leave your ideas in a comment below...


  • Craig.scanlon
    Craig.scanlon Registered Posts: 1
    I tend to find one of the easiest ways to remember things and take in new information is through a kind of gaming method, playing a game where the only way to move on and progress is to solve puzzles.
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