confused, desperate please help!!!!!!

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Well........I am seriously thinking of starting the AAT, but allow me to present myself and the questions will follow.

I come from Greece, graduated from a Greek university studying Accounting & Finance (4 years duration) and in 2011 got an Msc in International Accounting & Finance, Sage 50 Accounts( expired last month) and sat in June the F5 paper for ACCA. It has been really hard for me all these years to have the chance to put my foot in the 'door' of accountancy. I am 31 years old and I think it is the time for me to stick in the profession I have chosen and pursue a career in this country since I am engaged.
AAT would be a good start in order to ''grab the taurus from the horn''.

The questions now.
Although the aat skillstest leads me to level 2 I dont agree once I have been taught most of them but its the different language terminology. I just need real practise on that. Consequently, I would like to go directly for level 3. What is your opinion about my pensiveness?
Is there a fast-track study to finish the qualification off as quickly as possible? 2 -3 years, it is too many and time is gold. Shall I carry on studying the ACCA???

Thank you and my apologies if I tired anyone!!!

all views welcome

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