Can I complete level 3 in 5 months?

Hi everybody,

I have made the decision to study level 3 AAT through Kaplan with the intention of completing the course as quickly as possible. I have been told that in order to complete the course in 6 months I would have to study up to 20 hours a week which isn't a problem as I have enough time on my hands and I work in an accountant role.

I was hoping somebody could advise me if the course could be completed sooner than 6 months. Kaplan have informed me that it can be done, but I was hoping to get some advice from someone else who has completed the level 3 course in this time.

Any feedback is welcome.

Thanks! :)


  • Nps
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    It's very do-able, particularly if you work in an accountant role. I did the whole of AAT in about 5 months total - I didn't even know what double entry was when I started, and I didn't start in a finance role till well after I'd finished, so you already have a massive head start on me.

    I self studied so wasn't tied to a provider's timetable, not sure how it would work if you are taking a course and relying on a provider to arrange your exams.
  • kelsmick
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    I studied all my level 3 material in 3 months, it was just the exams which added the extra time. With my learning provider you book them a month or two in advance so i chose to space mine out over 3 months so i didn't get overwhelmed with it all.
  • ncraggs
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    yes, there is no reason why not, lots of people have. Although, it isnt a race and at the end of the day, everyone gets the same certificate. Good luck.
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