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Just started AAT Level 3 Distance Learning through BPP - Funded through my employer.

I have received all my materials and it is showing me 42 Learning hours for Accounts Preparation before I sit my exam.
Is this correct? How many hours did people spend on Accounts Preparation before they sat their exam. I am just trying to set a study plan before I book my exam. (I have studied Accounting at A Level with AQA - However it was a few years back!)

Also on this forum I see lots of AP1 and AP2 posts, however mine is just one module? Am I missing something here?

Thank you guys in advance and I hope to be extremely active on this forum over the next few years.



  • JoshJ1992
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    Hi Minhaz,

    The training provider that I am studying with have scheduled in 11 x 3 hour sessions for ACPR. So that works out at 33 hours. They also recommend that they amount if time that I should be studying at home for is the same amount of time that I spend in class. In total, this probably works about about the same as BPP.

    I am only studying the one ACPR module with one CBT so I'm not sure that the AP1 and AP2 relate to.

    Hope that helps.
  • kelsmick
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    With my learning provider it is divided into two parts although the exam is based on both parts as a whole. I guess its because the topic has alot of information so it breaks it down a little.
  • BU982T
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    I did ACPR in 11 days - one chapter each evening and two chapters on one Sunday. As a matter of fact, I did ACPR and FSTP starting on 12/10/15 and completed everything on the 27/10/15 and took and passed both exams on the 29/10/15.
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    Passed ACPR on 6th November, 1 month and 1 day after starting my course :) I'm happy with that! now onto the next module :)
  • KoopaCooper
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    The college I'm studying at (with the Finance Management Business School) schedules 5x5hour classes for ACPR, so that's just 25hrs.

    Then again, they do bill their course as "fast track" compared to other training providers, so...
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    Only difference my one to yours is we had 2hrs 45 mins ×11 classes
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