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Hi All,

A brief bit about myself. I have been working in Telecoms for coming up three years. I have gotten to a stag where I feel I can no longer progress in my current job. Work can be very quiet and I am fortunate enough to work from home.

I've now decided I want to look more into accountancy. It's something I have been interested in doing for some time, and I wish I had studied it after school.

I'm unsure what to look for with distance learning providers. I have had a good chat with Accountancy Learning and they can offer quite a good package for level 2 and 3. However, I don't know anyone who has studied with them. Is there anyone on here who can offer some feedback at all, or recommend a trainer?
The other company I had a brief look at is Kaplan. Purely because they won the distance learning award this year.

Any help or advice would be very gratefully received



  • Sharon123
    Sharon123 FMAAT Posts: 80
    I did all my aat as a distance learning student. I found the BPP textbooks really good and they also do revision kits and study notes. My local college also uses these to teach from. Don't know about tutorial support as I work in accounts so didn't sign up for any. I bought some Kaplan books but preferred BPP
  • NickCraggs
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    This is a big decision you are going to make, so make sure you do your research. Speak to as many as you can, and try to speak to a tutor. After all you are paying for a tutor, not a sales person.

    Remember that with distance learning you can start at any time, so there is no need to rush any decision.
    Nick Craggs FMAAT AATQB ACA, AAT Branch Member and Distance Learning Director at First Intuition

  • Mishel
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    I'd recommend InterActive for everyone who is looking for online provider. They have great online AAT course. Good price and great tutors. You can also see interview with their students.
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