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Hi Guys

I am currently temping, and having problems changing my way of working to this particular office.
They are using Sage, but everything is filed in Alphabetical order?
Also I am being told I have to pay suppliers off the statement and not a report showing the outstanding accounts and invoices due?
and that I should be ringing all suppliers for statements if we do not have them?
Does anyone else work like this, because I have never worked like that before.
All sage supplier invoices to me should be filed by the sage number allocated on input, and invoices have always before been paid on the invoice/report.

Any input much appreciated.


  • kelsmick
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    Each company has their own way. Personally none of my clients file via a system number either it is all filled alphabetic. There is no right or wrong way on how people file things but i find it is much easier if you are looking for an invoice to just pick up the folder and find it in minutes rather than going to the system, finding the unique number that relates to that invoice then finding it in the folder.

    A few companies i worked for prefer to issue payments based on the statements - this ensures any missing invoices have been captured, I have often come across ones that were missing or hadn't been input into the system right i.e credit notes as invoices etc it just makes sure everything matches usually i check the statement on the system then so long as that matches up it wouldn't matter if you used the statement or the report.

    I personally don't use sage so for me to have to give everything a unique number then keep a record would just add extra time to doing the work.

    It's hard when you've done something one way for a long time, i know i'd be like you if one of my clients wanted things to be filed with unique numbers etc.
  • anniebabe
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    Hiya thanks for the reply.
    I am finding it very frustrating at the moment.
    Especially as there has been an invoice posted incorrectly to the wrong account, but because things are filed alphabetically instead of in the sage number order - which is the reference number for the posting. We have no idea what the invoice actually was, where as if the invoice was filed in the sage order number, it could have been picked up from the file. (we only know this invoice was posted incorrect because the supplier rang and said they did not have a clue what we were paying).
    Which to me says the systems is flawed, and the person paying cannot have checked the accounts before paying, statements are not always sent from suppliers.
  • Sharon123
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    I have come across this problem before. If you keep checking your statements you should hopefully find where the mis-posted invoice came from. Alternatively a supplier will phone to chase the payment. You may never find it if a copy has also been posted to the correct account. Have you tried checking for an invoice posting with an identical date and amount in your purchase ledger control account?
  • kelsmick
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    So are they giving it a sage reference number instead of using the suppliers invoice number? I can see how that would get frustrating and confusing! Is there no a way in which you can still give it a reference number but also include the suppliers invoice number.
  • anniebabe
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    Hiya, no reference number is put on the invoices, just filed alphabetically. Yes the supplier invoice number is inputted, but as invoices are filed alphabetically, its like finding a needle in a haystack. Plus statements aren't received from all suppliers. Can't find a similar invoice posted elsewhere, so I guess we will have to just wait and see what happens next.
  • kelsmick
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    Might be worth suggesting to them that there is an easier way. If they are filed alphebetically are they not then filed by invoice number? Thats how i do it and makes it much easier when filing alphabetically. I find not everyone send statements especially the smaller companies which can be a pain if you use them to pay.

    Hopefully a easier system will be figured out or a few little changes to make it simplier for you.
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