AAT Membership getting rejected!

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I am wondering if anyone has any information or experience that can help me.

I am an affiliate but am trying to submit an application to go for the MAAT status. I have filled out all of my relevant work experience which has been ticked off, I have had my professional referee confirm the details I have submitted, I have even paid the fees. The last stage, declaration.

It seems that this bit of the process is a bit broken, I go through the declaration and click the 'submit' button. From there I get 4 green ticks and a message to say that my application has been submitted... for about 30 minutes, then it returns to a red cross and I get the message 'sorry, your MAAT application has been turned down click here to submit another one' Okay... submit another one, same process, same results.

I am now panicking that my life will spiral out of control! I will never get the MAAT letters after my name, I'll never get THAT job and my better half will leave me to die alone. So, in order for that to not happen, I have just gotten off the phone to someone at AAT HQ, told him the situation, he then says 'why are you doing it online, you have to fill out the paper copy' after a few minutes he finally understands what it is I am actually trying to do and proceeds to tell me that I need to fill out the declaration or else my application will not be processed... DOH! That is the exact reason I am calling! The declaration gets completed but turns back to red after around 30 minutes. He promises me that it has gone through but somehow, I don't have hope.

Can someone tell me that it'll all be okay and it has been submitted and that this is another one of those AAT website moments please, I beg of you...


  • BeccaLouJ9
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    ... all will be fine. However, I can't stop the other half leaving because of your lack of MAAT status- so maybe some sort of financial incentive for her/him!?

    The whole process is just testing your patience and determination- needed as an MAAT...

    :) Good luck!

    B x
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