ITAX - additional info links during the exam

This appears as a pop-up window with links you can access a list of helpful information on everything from registration, schemes and errors; so tutors will rightly make a big thing of this additional resource to help you out... but.

I found that the links are not aligned with the topics. I click on Flat Rate Scheme and see something on Errors and Surcharges. This was the same for all of them. I wasted a good amount of time just trying to read the advantages and disadvantages of the various schemes to answer a question for I don't know maybe 3 marks that used the same amount of time as I completed the VAT return, around 17 marks, even with double checking all my calculations!

I heard the girl in the seat next to me mention this to the invigilator so it wasn't just my PC setup, maybe all the PCs in our exam. Fortunately the ITAX is fairly easy (and I passed), but if there is another exam like this in Level 4 that time could be the difference between a pass and a fail.


  • JoshJ1992
    JoshJ1992 Registered Posts: 75
    Hi Adele69

    I presume from reading your post above that it was a live assessment using the Secure Client software (thats the one that is loaded onto the PC at your centre). If so, it would be worth mentioning it to your tutor or exams officer, if you haven't already done so, so that they can investigate this and if necessary, report this to the AAT so that any fault can be fixed for future assessments.

    If you experience any issues with the sample assessments on the AAT website or with the CBP web access link, this could be something to do with the browser you are using. I normally use Chrome but have found similar types of issues when accessing the sample assessments but accessing it through internet explorer does work.
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