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I've recently taken a different direction in my career from working in a bank and am looking to go into accounting. I have some accounting knowledge but for argument sake lets say I have none. I'm looking for some guidance on whether it would be possible for me to learn level 2 without a training provider. My plan would be to buy the books for level 2, study them, not sit any level 2 exams and move on to level 3 with a training provider.

Level 2 will cost me roughly an extra £1000 with a training provider + all exams. From what I hear level 2 isn't required to complete the aat qualification only levels 3 and 4 are.

So my questions would be

1. Could I learn all I need to know from the level 2 books in order to start level 3?
2. What publisher would be best, or will any suffice?
3. Would having level 2 on my CV significantly help me getting an entry level job in accounting?



  • PeterMcArthur
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    1. Yes, I believe you can. I've bought a Level 2 distance learning course, and I've ended up mostly not bothering with the other materials and just concentrating on the books. As far as I know, if you can pass the Level 2, you have sufficient knowledge to start Level 3.

    2. I've never come across anybody recommending one set of textbooks over another.

    I'm using Kaplan's books and, frankly, I don't think they're great. Earlier chapters occasionally refer to things that aren't introduced until later. You'll find that things written in one way in one set of answers, and in a slightly different way in another set of answers. But at the end of the day, it's not rocket science. As long as I avoid getting distracted by these issues, I make good progress.

    3. Good question. I see jobs for Accounting Assistant advertised that tend to require that you already have, or are already studying for, AAT. But that's all it says. Just "AAT". Not "AAT Level 3" or something like that. What exactly do they want?
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    Aat had a test of sorts on their website which helped you decide what level to go in at.

    I knew nothing of double entry so started at level 2, it is pretty easy and I'd say you could skip it, just reading books. Level 3 has some assumed knowledge so worth at least looking over some texts.

    I'd recommend bpp textbooks and question banks. The question banks are helpful to check you actually do know it. But could be skipped.

    I doubt any employers will care if you skipped lvl 2.

    They will care more that you have experience, trust me this is from experience. I've recently finished lvl 4 and am struggling to get my foot in the door at the moment due to lack of experience.

    Particularly if you already have a degree, it might be worth looking into graduate trainee jobs which teach a chartered qualification, even if older they are likely to consider you if you convince them that you will be committed and have no problem working under people younger than yourself. I'm trying this route now, as recruiters are largely baffled why someone would take a huge pay cut and change career.
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