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Potential First Jobs For AAT Level 2 Students

JoshLangley27JoshLangley27 Registered Posts: 2

I started my AAT Level 2 qualification last month after deciding to change my career direction. I am unable to do apprenticeships as I completed my first year of university before I left last year. So I was just wondering as I am studying level 2 at the moment, what jobs can I potentially get/apply for given my situation? I just need a job where I can finally start gaining experience so I am opened up to better jobs in the future. It just annoys me how every job requires experience and I'm thinking to myself "How can I get experience when I need experience to get experience.".

Many Thanks,


  • DaveyBoyDaveyBoy Registered Posts: 10
    I had the same problem. I decided to change direction into accounts from a recruitment background. I could not get an accounts job but managed to talk my way into a credit control job some how. I had to stick that out for a year before I managed to get an internal move to Purchase Ledger, been doing this a year now and trying to push for Accounts Assistant.

    It is not easy getting in though, as you say its catch 22
  • JoshLangley27JoshLangley27 Registered Posts: 2
    Thank you, I appreciate the advice, I will give this a try!
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