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Hi All,

I have signed up with a distance learning provider as of 1st March 2016 to study both AAT level 2&3.

I have appiled for very basic roles in accounts but no interview as yet. Alot require experience and as usual the question is asked how can experience be gained when it's experience you need. As an employer I would have thought paying for the course yourself seems like you have the determination and motivation to want a career in accounts, and that speaks volumes in itself.

Any advice on securing that first role? Advice other agencies, websites, independants?



  • Christina
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    Apprenticeship? Voluntary work, if you can spare the time? I've been treasurer of my local scout group since I started level 2. It might not be much but it does, again, show motivation and determination.

    Go along to your local branch meetings if you can. Even if nobody needs a trainee right now they may in the future, or know someone else who does.

    Websites - the usual Total Jobs/Reed/Jobs Today/Jobsite, etc. Set up email alerts with your search requirements.

    I'm now 6 months post level 4 and only just found a position - although that might be because I needed part-time work. And I wasn't consistently looking for a job throughout my studies.

    Keep looking, Waz, good luck,

  • stuartt
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    i was in a similar position when i started aat. i was working as a finance assistant which was basically a purchase ledger role and the only job i could get after university even with a degree in maths from a good university!!

    i couldn't find any jobs offering study support so i started studying aat level 2. as you pass the models you will have a bit more to put on your cv and will look a bit better than just saying you are an aat studier. this will also help to give you a bit more confidence when talking with recruiters and in interviews when asked any competency questions. i got my current role as assistant accountant when close to finishing level 3, they were looking for ACCA/CIMA part qualified but my aat studies gave me the confidence to go for the role.

    With regards to looking for jobs i always prefer reed of all the job sites. i think reed is the biggest but you will probably find most agencies will post all of their current roles with all of the big sites. when looking for my first job out of uni i found the most important thing to do is get your cv out there as much as possible. you will most likely get a lot less call backs than jobs you apply for but you've got to buy a ticket to win the raffle
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