EU additional VAT registration requirement for UK business

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I work for a retail business on line. We sell various items on line all over the world. Our sales are now reaching VAT threshold for one of the EU countries. According to this we now need to register for VAT and pay it in that EU country. Does anyone have experience with this and can you recommend any reputable company that deals with these registrations. I know there are probably many on line but how would I know which one is ok. It is a very sensitive process and I wouldn't like anything to go wrong.

Many thanks for any comments.


  • violeta
    violeta Registered Posts: 33 Dedicated contributor 🌟 🐡 🌟
    Thank you. I have had contact from them before but I wasn't sure who they are and how reliable is to go with them. At the time we didn't need them so I didn't research. Do you know anyone using them? The other one I spoke to was Meridian Global Services.
  • Jonathan_Rodwell
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    Violeta - i'm not sure if you've taken a decision on this now but I can talk from the experience of working in a retail environment and working with on a consistent basis the arrangement of EU VAT payments. Without the risk of offering free advertising i'd recommend Meridian as we use them at my company and I have regular contact with them - we've not had any issues with them and they are always fast to get back to us on any problems or questions.

    An obvious word of not include preowned sales (if you offer them) when determining if you have breached the relevant thresholds. This is a mistake we made and it's taken over a year in some cases to deregister!

    All the best,
  • violeta
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    Thank you Jonathan. I have had to make a decision and went with VCE. I found a lot of positive things about them and researched. I did have close contacts and offer from Meridian and they seemed great except VCE was cheaper. Our submissions are straight forward as I do all the work myself and they only need to submit it. Hopefully I made the right decision, time will tell.
    Kind regards
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