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Hi, wanting your advice please on the following situation.
Client has sole trader status and ltd company status. Using ltd company as management company for sole trader business. Invoicing st for management services. No paperwork backing it up. Client is a physio. There are a lot of discrepancies , which don't make sense as he seems to be muddling the statuses. If there was an HMRC enquiry they would have a field day.Making unsubstantiated expenses claims and in my experience totally unrealistic to the job he does. Eg for both claiming about 10k in motor expenses, 10k in interest on credit cards , loan repayments but no liabilities in balance sheet. Asked for statements and confirmation that they are purely business expenses and his answer is just , yes they are. I am beginning to feel like I'm interrogating him but I'm not getting the answers required.
He has completed his own sort of accounts but wants us to complete tax returns, and put our name on them as agent. I'm not prepared to do this as we have asked for clarification on quite a few items and not getting satisfactory answers.
We have already done a lot of groundwork on these accounts and I'm loathed to do anymore as I don't trust the man. Ideally I would like to cease being his agent and be paid for work done, but how do I do this? What do you suggest in the same situation?


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    You either fudge the issue of why you want to disengage or you tell him straight. I wouldn't want to work for him either!

    Get paid for the work you have done FIRST.

    Then issue a disengagement letter stating basically what you have said here. "Unfortunately we do not feel we are a good match professionally, we have asked many times for infromation and this has not been supplied satisfactorily. While we work hard to get the best results for our clients we feel on this occasion it would be best to cease services..."

    Or words to that effect. Good luck. Don't forget to consider your obligations under AML rules.
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