Considering level 2 AAT

Hi all

Im considering starting a level 2 but just wanted to know my chances of getting a job from it with no experience.

I say i have no experience but i currently work as a duty manager of a large holiday park and manage some budgets, staff costs, cashing up just to mention a few.

I have no a levels and only gcse in maths and science.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • g_bonsor
    g_bonsor Registered Posts: 26 New contributor 🐸
    Have you considered the apprenticeship route?

    I had no experience working in accounts but I have started level 2 by doing an apprenticeship, therefore I am learning whilst working - I find this really helps with my learning, would definitely recommend it :)
  • bdass
    bdass Registered Posts: 1
    Just hijacking this post - how did you find an apprenticeship g_bonsor?
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