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I've some experience with bookkeeping, having done Solicitors Accounts a number of years ago and found it really easy. I'm now thinking about changing careers from law to accountancy and I've decided to self study as I'm very short on funds. As it seems to be quite common, I'm going to skip the level 2 exams and just do level 3 to save money. Are there any areas I need to focus on before I start level 3? I've read mixed things about what it's useful to know. Would it be correct to think that I can start learning level 3 if I've just looked at the 2 bookkeeping books?



  • BenA
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    If funds are an issue, have you considered a 24+ loan?

    Personally I would not recommend self study because the support you get from tutors and even other students really helps.

    Regarding the fact of whether to skip level 2 really does depend on your knowledge. The biggest question would be, what is your knowledge of double entry? You may know how to process an purchase invoice to a piece of accounting software but do you know what effect it has on the VAT control account or the SLCA? Understanding double-entry is everything on Level 3 and it also has a big part to play in level 4. If you do not understand the basics you probably shouldn't be skipping level 2 and even more so be self studying

    Please bare in mind these are just my opinions. Someone many post on your thread who has do exactly what you a proposing.

    Good luck for which ever route you take.
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    Thanks for the response.

    Unfortunately those loans aren't available to me because I don't live in England. I'm pretty confident in my ability to self study it anyway.

    I've picked up a couple of books from ebay, so I'll see how it goes and try the Skill Checker again once I've had a look through.

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