Working full-time / Studying Level 4? EXPERIENCES?

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Hi all,

Just wanted to get a quick survey to see how many of you are studying L4 alongside working full-time? Have any of you completed L4 and how long did it take you?

I completed the L2 and L3 in a combined time of 18 months whilst working full-time. I'm a bit apprehensive to start the L4 because I know it's a lot more difficult and I'm worried it will be really stressful especially as my job is more stressful now too.

To be honest I don't need the L4 for the type of jobs I'm doing (transactional roles), but I would like it for the future and just to have. I'm thinking if I should change jobs to one that is less stressful or less hours so I can focus more of my energy on my studies? How did you guys cope/manage? How realistic is it to do the L4 in 12 months?


  • l.erskine1
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    I study L4 along with working full time and have 3 exams left - its taken me 12 months to complete my first 2 exams along with my project.

    I have found L4 a lot harder due to the written parts and started of studying the same way I studied for L3 - which was a bad idea.

    Also, I have found the online tools a lot more helpful for this level.

    Its definitely been worth it as I plan on progressing to ACCA next year and landed a new job as Accountant with in my current company.

    Hope this helps :)

    L x
  • CeeJaySix
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    It really does depend on you personally - how much time you can commit to it whilst still maintaining some work-life balance, how quickly you pick things up etc. I used to study around 2hrs per weeknight after work and sat a unit every 3-4wks. It was a massive advantage for the stat accounts and tax papers that I work in that day-to-day. Some people will absorb things faster and be able to do it quicker, others may need a little more practice and take a bit longer. Don't put any pressure on yourself, work through the first unit and see how long it is before you're comfortable with it. It is more than doable in 12 months as long as you can commit the time to it.
  • bevh
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    I am working a very stressful job and have a young child and I would personally advise giving yourself 2 years. I have already been going a year and I still have 3 exams and a report to go. If you manage to get on quicker I don't think it really makes a difference anyway.
  • Tsiknaki
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    I did L2 and L3 in 12 months and started L4 in February this year. I've sat my two optional units in the last 3 weeks and if I've passed those (big if), I'll only have my project left. I work full time as well and it has been tough and taken a lot of hard work but it'll be rewarding when it's all done. Hoping to start college in September to do ACCA so trying to stay focused to get the project submitted to my tutor.
  • RosieJane
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    I started in May and have sat two exams so far. Hoping to sit my third early September and I have my project booked in for October.

    I would like to be finished within 10 months in total.

    I was a little worried about the step up but to date I have not struggled at all :)

  • Tsiknaki
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    I didn't find it to be too much of a step up either, but I found the optional units a lot harder than the compulsory ones.
  • Marshy77
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    Struggling!! Working full time (in a new job too), home life (wife, 2 kids) plus hobbies etc it can be stressful and finding time to study is difficult. Depends on your situation and everyone is different. I find it difficult to start studying once the kids have gone to bed which is now around 8.30/9 at night, when you've worked all day and done your parental duties after work it is hard to motivate yourself to get your books out for an hour or 2 at 9pm but it has to be done.

    I have been given some study hours at work which will help - although I've just failed FP.
  • MojoJojo83
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    I think it depends on how disciplined you are/your method of study. I am studying AAT level 4 through the local college while working full time, but I have chosen to do the course over 2 years as I know that trying to cram it all into one year will mean failure for me personally.

    It has worked for me so far - I do 3 hours of classroom time on an evening 6pm to 9pm, and then revision two other nights a week to keep on top of it. It's tough to keep motivated at times but just keep pushing through.

    Doing it in 12 months would be tough, but if you are determined and disciplined it can be done.
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