Cash Management AAT practice questions


I'm just trying to figure out how the calculations are done for several practice exam 1 answers, and for the life of me can't come to the same result.

Task 3 the settlement of payables for P4 &P5.

At first I just took those values and started working out what period they relate to 25/40/35, but the word Balances worries me and this might be why I can't work it out. There was no mentioning of how to deal with the payable balances in the book. Please help?

I tried working out which period the balance might relate to, e.g. P1 balance might relate to 35% P10 figure, 40% P11 figure and 25% P12 figure etc, but in this case I have nothing for P3 that will go over to P4 and 5.

Any help would be much appreciated!


  • klbookkeeping
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    Please look at earlier MoEmusa post as I have answered task 3 a, b and c in that post today. It is quite a complex question and takes time to work out but look at the answer and it might give you a better understanding.
  • Mamata1
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    Hi again now I stuck in Aat assessment 1 question 5(b). How total profit reduce by £153340 and how it is equivalent 5.5% of total sales.
  • j1994
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    does anyone have any cash management practice papers they can email me ?
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