Advice & which path should i take?


I am an aspiring accountant looking for some information about AAT and possibly some help about the best route for me to take to become an accountant.

I have recently graduated from university and am currently working as a finance assistant - hopefully for the year. After that I am looking to get a graduate scheme, a lot of which it is possible to gain AAT qualifications alongside. However I have a lot of spare time at the moment and am unsure whether I should start working towards my qualifications prior to starting a graduate scheme or if this would mean they're less likely to take me on?

If I am to study towards AAT this year, I would personally prefer to do the self study method (I haven't looked into aat too much at this point in time) and was wondering how much it costs roughly using this method of study? Also hypothetically, what qualifications could a person achieve in a year if they didn't fail anything?

Any advice on this, or anything a person starting to study AAT qualifications may need would be appreciated.

Thank you

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