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I know everyone learns differently so it is quite hard to judge. I am just wondering how people found the jump from level 3 to level 4?
I am currently working full time and i'm worried doing 2 night classes might be too much. Tutors have advised at least 16 hours a week outside of those 2 nights will scrape us a pass.

Any advise on how you've found level 4 in terms of exams, revision times etc would be great! :)



  • MojoJojo83
    MojoJojo83 Registered Posts: 3
    It's a fairly big jump to be fair, but there's people in my classes that are managing well with it. I chose to do level 4 over two years instead of one, so am just doing the one class per night and about 12 - 16 hours of revision per week. So far I've passed all the mandatory units with no resits and just finished and ready to submit my project. Personally - if I'd done it over 12 months I think I would have struggled, with having a full time job to contend with.

    The exams are totally different to level 3, the written questions take a lot more time, but are manageable if you keep an eye on the time and don't waffle in them (which is hard but just keep practicing condensing your answers).
  • zebra246
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    My personal experience is that the level of understanding required was not markedly different from level 3 to 4.

    However, there are 3 differences in the exams. The level 4 exams are time-pressured, contained written questions which theoretically could make the difference between competent or not and there are more surprise questions often calling on obscure parts of the syllabus or worded in a manner that could catch people out.

    Having said all that, if you can pass level 3, my feeling is you will pass level 4.

    Level 4 also contains a report to write of course.
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