PPR and Letting Relief

Amie Registered Posts: 5 New contributor 🐸
Can someone confirm on the following

Property brought 29 Nov 2010
Empty until 1 Mar 2011
Rented until 1 Aug 2011
Owner moved in and rented again (herself and 3 lodgers) until sale in Aug 2015

NP - 241,307
Cost (193219)

Gain - 48088

PPR calculated on this gain

48088/56*48 = 41218

therefore chargable gain 6870

No need to calculate Letting Relief as gain is covered by AE?

Is this correct??



  • arjun
    arjun Registered Posts: 12
    Given the gain was only 6870, you are absolutely right but be careful of any other CHargeable CG.
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