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Salary At Level 3 Question


I know there have been discussions about this previously but I was looking for a more direct answer and what others have experienced.

I am Level 3 AAT qualified through an apprenticeship scheme. I am now off this apprenticeship. My yearly salary is no more than £10,100. Personally, this seems quite low as I pay various bills including my car which gets me to and from work.

How have others found it?


  • CeeJaySixCeeJaySix Well-Known Registered Posts: 645
    Seems very low - does that even meet NMW?!

    Depends on a number of factors including experience, role, type of company and location, but even at the most junior levels that doesn't seem quite right for a full-time position.
  • h0llymayh0llymay Registered Posts: 24

    I work Mon - Fri, 9 - 5. I have been with this company for 13 months, it is my first proper job. We are a small manufacturing firm.

    I guess the positive is I don't yet hit the band for tax lol!
  • AliceHenley93AliceHenley93 Registered Posts: 14
    Hi Holly, that does seem far too low! I am working as a Purchase Ledger Controller currently, I've passed level 2 and studying level 3 and I'm on just over £20,000.
  • h0llymayh0llymay Registered Posts: 24
    Hi Alice,

    Wow. That seems to be a good wage to be on! Is it a decent sized company?
  • AliceHenley93AliceHenley93 Registered Posts: 14
    It's a pretty big company yeah, we have loads of offices in Europe too. It might also be depending on where you work/area. Do you have appraisals at all? Maybe you could suggest them increasing your wage.. I think AAT have a salary document somewhere on their website to give you indication of what you could be earning
  • CeeJaySixCeeJaySix Well-Known Registered Posts: 645
    Holly, I strongly suggest you look at the latest AAT salary survey and take that to your employer. Assuming a 37.5hr week with 20 days holiday plus 8 days bank holiday you are earning an effective rate of somewhere around £5.80-£6.00 an hour. Not right. Now you have some experience (especially if in a general finance role rather than specifically PL/SL/CB or whatever) you should have no problem finding a far better salary.
  • h0llymayh0llymay Registered Posts: 24
    I'm earning £5.30p/h.
    Yes it's not a specific role, I have experience on all! This is a great company to work for and I couldn't ask for a nicer boss but sadly I'm loosing my motivation as I believe I am worth more :-(
  • SlackpantsSlackpants DerbyshireRegistered Posts: 10
    Oh my gosh Holly, is that even allowed?! That's extremely low for saying you're AAT level 3 qualified.. My salary is £24,200 and I am still yet to qualify at level 3 (2 exams away!) x
  • h0llymayh0llymay Registered Posts: 24
    Wow....I am losing motivation at a very rapid pace. I can't bare to get up sometimes and I've sort of automatically found myself looking for other places. I guess that's when you know you're heart isn't in the company anymore! What sort of business to your work in?x
  • SlackpantsSlackpants DerbyshireRegistered Posts: 10
    It could have something to do with age though? As I am 28.. But saying that you're more qualified than me as I haven't quite finished level 3 yet. Try to stay positive - I know that's easier said than done. But you can actively look for a new job hun, there's no harm in that!! I don't blame you for looking elsewhere. You must be bright and intelligent :) after all you're only trying to better yourself. I work for a tool manufacturing company but I've only been there two years this December.. I used to work for fashion designers in Nottingham and loved it but even though the industry was glamorous the pay wasn't enough. It's about what's right for you <3 xx
  • h0llymayh0llymay Registered Posts: 24
    I am only 19, so my pay does just about meet the minimum wage, but in regards to qualifications and experience I don't think it's right :-( for the government to say that I deserve less money just because of my age is wrong! But that's a whole different matter lol. I have worked here for 13 months and I also work in a manufacturing company. This business has the potential to be great but as I said before, I believe I am worth more. Age shouldn't matter if I have the experience and qualifications <3 xx
  • SlackpantsSlackpants DerbyshireRegistered Posts: 10
    I think this whole minimum wage malarkey is rammel.. I think they should pay you as per your qualifications and experience. You're better than minimum wage!! I know it's pay at the end of the day but it's extremely disheartening - bless you. Keep your chin up though sugar and do what's best for you in the long run. There are a lot of other companies out there that will offer you the same support, training and guidance but better pay. If your current job isn't right for you then so what!! Move on :) xx
  • h0llymayh0llymay Registered Posts: 24
    Thank you sweet! :)
    I'm just not sure how to have the conversation with my boss about how I'm feeling xx
  • rakeshsuwalrakeshsuwal LondonRegistered Posts: 79
    edited August 2016
    I am 28 and still can't find a job in accounting. I have completed level 3 and will be starting level 4 in September. I am still working in other line of business as I have family to look after
  • charlottemcclaircharlottemcclair BirminghamRegistered Posts: 27
    that seems low, I suggest you consider talking to your line manager about it in an informal way to see what they think
  • h0llymayh0llymay Registered Posts: 24
    Hi Charlotte,

    There's only 11 of us in the company so we don't have a "line manager" as such. I think someone has recently got a payrise.

    I was due to go on a Sage course with Pitman training but they are now postponing this even longer (bare in mind I went for my trial in June) due to cashflow problems.

    I just don't know what to do :-( I work 37.5 hour weeks for £5.30 p/h.....I don't think it's fair, personally.

    I just don't know how to go about having this conversation with someone.
  • charlottemcclaircharlottemcclair BirminghamRegistered Posts: 27
    Hi Holly

    If pay is the only thing demotivating you in your role i would be patient as it is better do a job you love and work for a company you love rather than one you don't enjoy despite getting paid more
  • h0llymayh0llymay Registered Posts: 24
    Yes, I do like the company a lot and I get on well with everyone else who works here. I just feel it's a shame, I have rent to pay, a car to pay, and a phone bill. It gives me around £200 to live on for food and petrol for the month. I may be 19 but I left home early due to circumstances so I could well be in the same position as those older than me who get paid more then me simply because of their age. There is now a 20 year old male who has been brought in to do the purchasing side of things who is on £10p/h I just feel really low and unnoticed. Gaaaah, sorry about the rant x
  • charlottemcclaircharlottemcclair BirminghamRegistered Posts: 27
    you wont get anywhere without discussing this to a partner of the company
  • h0llymayh0llymay Registered Posts: 24
    Yes, I am very much aware of that. I have just never been in this situation before so I don't know what to say or how to come across in a professional manner.
  • CeeJaySixCeeJaySix Well-Known Registered Posts: 645

    Be polite but firm. Set out why you feel you deserve a rise (qualifications, experience, time served, disparity to new hire if they're at a similar grade/experience). It may help to write it down first so you're clear on what you want to say - or even put it in an e-mail, with a 'please can we discuss this once you have had an opportunity to consider my concerns' (if you do this, make sure you follow it up within a day or two).

    At the end of the day, especially in a small firm, unless your boss actually wants rid of you he should sit down and discuss it with you, even if the end result is 'sorry, no'. And if it is (or even if you do get a rise now), ask how you can improve and achieve the next promotion / payrise.
  • h0llymayh0llymay Registered Posts: 24
    Thanks CeeJay,

    Writing it down may help me a lot - I tend to get anxious and forget what I want to say.
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