AAT Level 3 = University?

Kingz Registered Posts: 1
I've been interested to hear others stories but I've heard many people go from simply a AAT Level 3 to a red brick university. Many who have stated they simply have GCSE Maths & English or have none at all.

I'm fairly interested to know as I would like to pursue a similar path.


  • Henna
    Henna Registered Posts: 10
    It depends on the university, I am taking this route only because i did not achieve the A-Level grades i needed to get into a top university and they accept this as extra UCAS points. AAT have a list of universities that do accept it, but you would have to check with the university as to what the specific requirements are. I cant imagine it would get you straight onto a Ba Hons degree, it may be a foundation year as such that you have to pass in order to go onto the degree. Hope this helps!
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