What do you need to open an online based cigarette shop?

I have a friend who wants to open an online based cigarette and alcohol shop. He asked me that is it enough if he is self- employed? I know he would need far more than that, including some licenses etc. But i cannot find it anywhere online what he would exactly need to make himself legal, I only found some rules for shops.


  • Neillaw
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    The biggest problem with an online shop would be the legal requirements for not selling to people under aged.
    If you can't see the buyer then how do you know your not breaking the law?

  • CeeJaySix
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    Interesting point - though Majestic deliver direct to my door, and are happy to leave on the doorstep (ie. no signature from someone over 18). As far as I can remember I haven't had to do any more than tick a box confirming I am over 18 at checkout. Tesco also deliver booze with the weekly shop, though that does need a signature.

    I'd be interested to know what the legal requirements for retailers are...
  • NickHalden
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    I agree with Neillaw, but your friend can organise the system of ID confirmation.
    Here are some lifehacks to deal with the law that may be useful
    Also I'd recommend you to ask some online retailers, but not sure they will tell their secrets, it's not working this way.
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