Hi im changing career and have researched the fastest and cheapest ways to get into a finance role. I have looked at doing a course which teaches you on the job for 1 month for £300 and they help you get into a position they give you a reference and certificate but its probably not a recognised you think this is worth it or shall i just do the full AAT level 2 which is £1200 for classroom study . Also is this the cheapest i can find thank you


  • Sharon123
    Sharon123 FMAAT Posts: 80
    Distance learning is usually much cheaper and offered by a few different providers including Kaplan and BPP. The AAT qualification is widely respected in the workplace and well worth doing.
  • kimbo86
    kimbo86 Registered Posts: 10
    Level 2 for me has cost roughly £465:

    £18 x 5 textbooks = £90
    Free trial of Sage One = £0
    £75 x 5 exams = £375

    If you think you have the discipline to self study you don't even have to pay a provider. I just posted a more detailed explanation on another thread.

  • kimbo86
    kimbo86 Registered Posts: 10
    Doh just realised this post was from a year ago
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