Coming back after 4 years away from accounts to complete my Level 4 AQ2013 standards

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Hi All.

I completed all of Level 4 AAT back in 2012 other than FNST which I failed twice at the time. I had a career change and always said to myself that I will get my FNST exam done so that I can at least finish the AAT qualification even if I do not pursue a career in finance. I received a couple of emails earlier this year explaining that the standards were moving to AQ2016 so I had to reinstate by end August or risk losing units already achieved. Therefore I reinstated my AAT membership at the end August. One thing I didn't realise was that I have to redo my Internal Accounting Systems project even though I completed this back in 2012 :( As I am no longer working in such an environment I guess I will have to base it on one of the case studies. Also I have to redo one of the optional units which I had already passed, I'm a bit annoyed about this but I suppose it is what it is. I plan on trying to self-teach using the various textbooks and online resources including practice assessments. Bearing in mind that I have been away from accounts for 4 years do people think that this would be achievable? Also can people recommend the best textbooks? The general consensus seems to be Osborne?



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    I would have a word with your training provider about the length of any potential courses. I believe you have until December 2017 to complete AQ2013 but check the AAT website. My evening course for level 4 will take two years and my training provider is only offering AQ2016.
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