ICAS Report Timescale

Hi everyone,

I sat Budgeting this morning and am starting my report when I get home tonight.

I was just wondering how long it took you to complete the report and have it marked as competent?

To be honest, I feel a little daunted by the whole thing and am hoping that it does not end up being a long drawn out process!

Thanks, Rosie


  • klbookkeeping
    klbookkeeping Registered Posts: 37
    Hi Rosie

    I did my project over around ten days, about 2 days of that was researching and writing notes before I began putting it together.

    My tutor marked it within a couple of weeks and I was competent at the first draft, however, I only work part time so was able to work on it everyday.

    I worried about starting the report but once I got started it just flowed, I really didn't want that hanging over me whilst trying to revise for the cash management exam.

    Good luck...
  • Chambo94
    Chambo94 Registered Posts: 2
    It took me 5 days to do a first draft, but that was really intense and involved not moving for a full weekend and taking days off work.
    Make a plan, read the scenario twice, once to get an understanding, second time to decide what you want to cover. I think getting started is the biggest mountain.
  • Rich5588
    Rich5588 Registered Posts: 2

    When I did the report I didn't want it hanging over me, so I took a week off work to complete it. Took around 5 days (6 hours a day) for the first draft. It came back with some changes that then took around a day, and then some further changes that took around an hour..

    It did feel like a drawn out process, but looking back the actual time spent on the report was not so long.
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