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Good evening,
I have recently completed level 3 by studying via Kaplan Distance Learning. The cost was roughly £750 which included textbook, workbook, revision notes. On top of this I had to pay £500 for exams.

I was wondering if it is possible to just buy the books online and book an exam instead registering with a provider? I live in Cardiff and I have had to commute to Bristol to do an exam while studying so this has added roughly and extra £170 to the total cost.
If anyone has any experience of studying via this method or know of any exam providers in South Wales I would be grateful for a response.

Thank you for your help in advance



  • douglasstroud
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    Hi Adam

    I passed level 4 by doing home study the only module you will have to use a training provider for will be the ICAS report.
    I live in Bridgend and bought the study books from Osborne and then booked the exams with ACT who are based in Cardiff.

    Hope this has helped and good luck.

  • Clintm15
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    Of course you can Adam!!

    Like Doug said, you would only need a training provider for the ICAS report.
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    Level 3 - 2012
    Level 4 - 2013

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  • zebra246
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    I agree with the previous 2 posters. I am just finishing Level 4 now. Distance learning. I don't even live in the UK. I have to fly in for exams!

    Ensure you use the resources on the AAT website as I have found Kaplan material to sometimes not quite match the syllabus content. Perhaps Kaplan is always playing catch up with the syllabus changes, not sure.
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