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I am revising for my PETH exam, which will be my 3rd time. Has anyone got any ideas on how I can remember the majority of the professional bodies and the fundamental principles and how to apply them?! Perhaps some mnemonics???



  • sarahbx
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    Have you heard of Popular People Chat In Offices?
    P is for Professional Behaviour, Professional Competence and Due Care, Confidentiality, Intimidation and Objectivity. Sorry I cant elaborate right now....busy at work! Good luck!
  • PolarisDyas
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    For the bodies, I cut them out into little boxes and mixed them and put them back together until I could remember them. It's a tough exam, I hope you pass this time!!
  • Adele69
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    I found this the toughest of the level 3 topics, and even had to leave questions until the end while I continued with the ones I could do while trying to think of some answer, which I've never had to do in any of the other AAT exams
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    I failed this the first time. My first AAT exam i have failed. :'( It is deffo the hardest one on level 3. There is no figure work. Just lots of writing regarding what's in the book. Virtually have to memorise the whole book. Re-sat it to day and feel like i've failed again. Just have to wait and see. There were some questions that weren't even in the book. Two questions were about the Information Commissons Office. Also some baffling question about whether the use of the word 'accountant' is restricted to UK Professional accountancy body. I know the Principles, threats, safeguards, CSR off by heart but there is always a few questions that have thrown me.
  • Adele69
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    My distance learning tutor completely ignored my last message for trying to discuss some details of my last exam that confused me, so just putting it out there you might be breaking some written/unwritten rule. Bit annoying since how are you supposed to fill in the gaps in your learning when you know you don't know something.
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