Do you need specific a levels to study AAT?

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Ever since I did business GCSE I have always been interested in accounting, also because my older sibling is an accountant and loves their job. However, when I chose my a levels I thought I really wanted to go into Psychology and become a psychologist so I chose Psychology, Media and Law for a levels. However after a month of studying these subjects I decided I really wanted to become an accountant however it was too late for me to change my a levels. So I was wondering, do you need specific a levels to study AAT and also do you need previous knowledge on accounting to study AAT such as economics at a level or business studies? In addition, has anyone done completely different a levels that aren't related to accounting whatsoever but still gone on to study AAT?


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    AAT starts with the basics, you do not require A-levels to study it.
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    You don't previous accountancy experience or any sort of similar qualifications to start it. The AAT is a course itself which is equal to A Levels(or higher at lvl 4). If you are clueless you are usually started at level one, but because I have already done an NVQ level three in business they started me at level two, which is normal to start at for many people apparently.

    I left sixth form after a year so have no a levels, did a business admin level 3 then now doing AAT level 2, next year I will do level 3.

    So no. Just apply at a local college that offers the course. Get an apprenticeship which I would recommend then you get on the job learning, a wage and your fees paid for!! Or there is always distance(computer) learning too.

    Good luck
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