Do you have to have specific a levels to study AAT?

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Ever since I did business GCSE I have always been interested in accounting, also because my older sibling is an accountant and loves their job. However, when I chose my a levels I thought I really wanted to go into Psychology and become a psychologist so I chose Psychology, Media and Law for a levels. However after a month of studying these subjects I decided I really wanted to become an accountant however it was too late for me to change my a levels. So I was wondering, do you need specific a levels to study AAT and also do you need previous knowledge on accounting to study AAT such as economics at a level or business studies? In addition, has anyone done completely different a levels that aren't related to accounting whatsoever but still gone on to study AAT?


  • Sharon123
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    You don't need any A Levels to study AAT you can start from the level most suited to your previous accounting experience which could be none at all. If you are not keen to continue with your A Levels have you thought about an apprenticeship, there are ones available that offer day release to study AAT at college.
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