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So i am currently working as a accounts assistant in an organisation and studying AAT as well. I would like to move on to working and gaining experience in a accountancy practice/firm after my contract ends on my current role. Most of the jobs advertisements in that sector already requires you to have some experience in an accounting firm (which i do not have) and that means i already cannot apply.

I would really appreciate it if i can get some advice on how to get a start in an accounting firm. Also, if there's someone who has been in a situation similar to mine i would love to hear their story and how they went about it.


  • RosieNC
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    Tricky isn't it? That usual chicken egg situation of needing experience to get a job...
    What I would say is, apply for jobs even if it doesn't look like you meet all the criteria. It can be worth it and there is nothing to loose by trying (other than time and effort spent applying obviously!)
  • David Ballantyne
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    Just a few suggestions.

    Regularly attend your local AAT branch meetings. Some of the people attending will be AAT members with their own practice or who may have management roles in chartered practices. Take your time to get to know people and let them know what you are looking for. After a while you may find that they will let you know of opportunities within their firms and may view an application from you more favourably. If you show initiative by getting involved in branch activities, this may also help.

    You could also investigate whether you could enrol as an ACCA student and repeat the above in local ACCA branch meetings.

    Connect with local firms via linkedin, twitter, facebook, newsletter and follow and even comment on their development. If a local firm looks like it is going through a period of growth, directly enquire whether there might be an opportunity for you.

    Hope that helps,

    David Ballantyne
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  • Sharon123
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    I agree with the above comment, apply even if you don't meet all the criteria. These are ideals and you may have other qualities which outweigh any lack of experience
  • stevef
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    You do not have to be an ACCA student or member to attend local CPD events organised by the ACCA branch networks, just need the capacity to make them worthwhile attending. I Chair the ACCA Swansea and West Wales Panel and am always delighted to welcome AAT members and students to our events.
  • David Ballantyne
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    To stevef: That's interesting, I may take advantage of ACCA branch meetings myself.

    To MMI: It may also be worth checking out ICAEW meetings also.
    David Ballantyne
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  • NickHalden
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    Don't give up, special requirements on ATT is not the end of the world. If attending the local meetings doesn't work, there're still many accountancy vacancies, that do not require any experience, i've seen some on recently, maybe the link will help you.
    Good luck with that!
  • MemyselfandI
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    Thank you all very much. I will definitely look into the AAT/ACCA/ICAEW meetings in my area just like @David Ballantyne and @stevef suggested. Its a bit out of my comfort zone but i will give it a shot.

    I will also try and tailor my CV to suit the type of role i am looking for (for example, focus on transferable skills from my current role) just so i can give my self a chance when i apply for them as @RosieNC and @Sharon123 suggested.

    I am also planing on seeing a careers advisor about this.
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