London/ (FT) Accounting Officer / Government of The British Virgin Islands

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We have an exciting opportunity for employment at the British Virgin Islands London Office for a suitably qualified applicant with permission to work in the UK. The applicant should be able to start as soon as the first week in November 2016 . The role is full time, for an Accounting Officer.
The BVI London Office is the British Virgin Islands Government’s Representative Office to the United Kingdom (UK) and mission to the European Union (EU). The office conducts diplomatic and consular activities in the interests of the BVI as a jurisdiction and its citizens and residents who reside in the UK and Europe.
Job Summary:
The Accounting Officer is responsible for the provision of a full range of accounting services to the London Office. Areas of work include budgeting, accounting and finance activities including payroll administration, preparation of accounts, balance sheets, tax returns, invoice management, cash flow, reporting actual expenditure, book keeping and accounts payable.
Minimum Qualifications and Experience:
Bachelors degree in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration or Professional accounting certification AAT, CAT or higher and
Three (3) to five (5) years’ relevant experience working in accounting or finance
Interested persons please reply to [email protected] requesting further details.
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