AAT Level 3 without Level 2?

Greetings AAT forums.

I'm Cem.

I am considering studying AAT Accountancy, and then moving onto ACA/ACCA in the future.

Two Questions:

1. I have done a little research, and correct me if I'm wrong, I have found that a Level 3 Diploma in Accounting can be started without a Level 2?
I have achieved a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Applied Sciences, and I feel that a Level 3 would be the best place for me to start as I am quick to grasp things, just need to know if I am 'allowed'.

2. For progressing onwards to ACA/Chartered Accountancy, what is the most reccomended route, to complete the AAT 3 and 4 Diplomas. Or... To do the Level 3 and start with the ACA?

Thanks for reading =).


  • JoshJ1992
    JoshJ1992 Registered Posts: 75
    Hi Cem,

    I believe you can start at level 3, however the level 2 qualification does give you a good grasp of the basic concepts so my recommendation is to do the level 2 first. I know it takes longer that way. I have A levels but I certainly found it beneficial and I don't think I would have been able to have managed level 3 without level 2. I would also have a go at the AAT skills check http://www.aatskillcheck.org/home.aspx as it will certainly give you an idea of where to start. Training providers should also be able to advise you.

    To be honest, I'm not all that familiar with the requirements of ACA however I think you may need to complete the whole AAT qualification before you can move onto your chartered qualifications, however I would seek advice on this from your training provider.

    Hope that helps.
  • zebra246
    zebra246 Registered Posts: 57
    Despite not working in accounting, I went straight in at level 3. I was familiar with double entry bookkeeping though. I passed all 6 modules at level 3 at the first attempt and some of the modules were not that challenging.

    I am afraid I am unable to answer your second question. I went on to complete level 4 though.
  • Cemariah
    Cemariah Registered Posts: 2
    Hi, I have actually started my ACCA now. I was able to skip AAT as I have high enough qualifications to start with them straight away. Doing F1-F3 + FIP Module to get the Diploma, then carrying on from there. Thanks for the replies though!
  • kellyb86
    kellyb86 Registered Posts: 1
    Hi Cem,

    The skills test is very useful but certainly not the be all and end all as it recommended I started on level 2 however after meeting with the college tutor they felt level 3 was more appropriate starting point. I had very little experience with accounting and had to work lots of extra hours to 'catch' up to my peers. It is imperative to get DE bookkeeping and other basic principals understood. Deciding where to begin is difficult, seek advice but it is do-able to skip level 2 and start with level 3
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