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Hi All,

Can anyone help me please and provide a little advice? I apologise upfront for my lack of knowledge however I currently have started to recruit for a number of accountancy and financial positions one of which I am recruiting for at the moment.

I am looking for a Financial Manager and my client has asked for ACA/ACCA or CIMA qualification. I have however had candidates apply who have qualification in BA Business Studies & Finance, HNC Higher Certificate in Business Studies & Finance and a BTEC National Certificate in Business Studies & Finance however I was under the impression that this does not make them a qualified accountant. They have plenty of Financial Management, client accountant and company accountant experience so I am slightly confused how they can work as an accountant if not qualified.

Again apologies for my lack of knowledge but I am really hoping that someone may be able to assist me with this information

Thanks for your help


  • CeeJaySix
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    'Accountant' is not a protected title - anyone can call themselves one, regardless of qualification.

    The qualifications you list do not make them qualified in the same sense as ACA/ACCA/CIMA. It doesn't necessarily make them unsuitable, as many people (particularly in industry in my experience, presumably as they have worked their way up through the business world rather than starting out as 'an accountant') are qualified by experience and are far better at their jobs than some chartered accountants. Whether your client will consider them is another matter, though if their experience fits and CV looks good then it wouldn't hurt to push the client to offer interviews.
  • dschwab01
    dschwab01 Registered Posts: 2
    Thanks for your response. I appreciate your help. I agree as i have some fantastic candidates who have worked their way up and are far more suited to the position but as you mentioned some clients will not necessarily take them without the specific qualification.

    Thanks again. Appreciate your response

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