Getting a first role within finance.

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I am sure this has been covered before, so I apologise in advance.

At present I am at a loss as to how to find my first full-time role within accountancy.

I'm 33 with no accountancy experience.

Could you guys shed some light on how you managed to land your first role?

Is there a magic formula? I know that's ridiculous to ask, but I feel like pulling my hair out.

My interest lays within both the financial, and management side of the profession.

Thank you


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    I haven't got time to write a full-blown response at the moment; however I have covered this in the past, if you use the search function you should be able to track down a few of my posts (and those of others) on the subject.

    In short - good CV, identify and sell your transferable skills (that make you stand out against say a graduate straight from university), investigate local practices and target your CV/covering letter to the HR partner/manager ideally, or if they don't have one, the managing partner (personal touch goes a long way - if you need to, phone them and ask who the relevant person is). Beyond that, persistence.

    Industry I'm afraid I have no direct experience of.

    Recruitment agents may be useful if you can find a good one - I did get an interview and a suitable job offer out of one when I was starting out.

    Others have found that a few months volunteer work (eg. books for a local charity) helps to get the first paid position.

    Apply speculatively to practices - if they're already advertising a position, they will likely have a large number of applicants. If they're thinking about new hires but haven't yet done anything about it, and a CV lands on their desk, you have no competition at that stage.
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    Thank you very much for your response, it is appreciated.
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    I had similar problem I was looking for first job in accounting but had just few unsuccessful interviews.. then I decided to do some voluntary job.. I got part time internship in Finance Department and after 3 months I started looking for some paid position. The unexpected happend - I found the job in different company and when I Iet know that I am finishing internship they asked me to stay and offered me paid full time position ☺☺☺ so I could choose and I stayed in the previous company. it was difficult to work for free but definitely worth can do some part time internship and something else to get some money.
    good luck!
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