Level 2 and 3 Together

Hi. I am currently studying AAT Level 2 with BPP but I find the course very slow (some units have 2 months between the next!) and therefore would like to study Level 3, too.

Does anybody know if this is possible? I would self study this level as I do not like the BPP Online Classroom Live version.

If it wasn't for the synoptic assessment, I wouldn't hesitate to do this but I'm not sure if doing two synoptics in a few months will be okay?



  • JakeFe
    JakeFe Registered Posts: 1

    Last year I studied AAT Level 2 & 3 as a fast-track course at college and was Level 3 qualified after about 9 months, so it's definitely possible, whether you could do this self-studying or so I'm unsure but I know many people who have done both in less than a year. Good luck for your future studies! :)
  • shannonr1990
    shannonr1990 Registered Posts: 36
    I don't think you need to even do Level 2 to be considered a qualified accountant. I have read on here you only need Levels 3 & 4, so thats what I am doing now just reading all stuff in Level 2 and only sitting the Level 3 & 4 exams. I am doing this all self study (you don't need a training provider to mark your work anymore if you are on the AQ2016 syllabus) so you can self study Level 3 and not even bother with Level 2 and still go on to do charter in it. Tbh Level 2 seems a waste of time anyways.
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