Help!!not happy with my distance learning provider, what can I do about it?

It's very frustrated. I am doing distance learning now and still have 3 exams to go. The training provider allocated me to a specific tutor.My tutors are not helpful. My first tutor was ok but he left the job. Then the nightmare began.

I don't often to contact my tutor unless I got questions. I have emailed my second tutor 5 times and he only answered me once, other tutors helped me out my queries. He left me 5 days without any response in my last email to him. I reported this issue to the distance learning manager, the manager signed me with him. The manager responses my email either on the same day or the following day. But I have noticed, he doesn't read and answer my queries properly and omitted my queries without any explanation why he didn't answer it. His response to my queries sometimes only few words or two sentences. I ask him to explain a little bit more but he ignored it. Sometimes his answers confused me rather than help out. For some queries you can't just do a few sentences to expect someone to fully understand. It's getting on my nerves now. I felt I am completely neglected.

It's not my first time doing distance learning but it's my first time having this kind of tutors. My previous experience with another learning provider was absolutely enjoyable. I don't want to make my current tutor think I am aggressive, I simply just need someone to help. I still have exams going. I wonder what is the better way to sort out this issue? Should I report it to their managing director?
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