Business Tax FA2016

Hi just wondered if anyone can tell me I have the FA2015 books for this unit I'm on AQ2013 which are going to be useless next month my training provider offered me the new books from BPP for just over £50 which I thought was a bit much so I've bought them from Osborne for £20 FA2016 but it says AQ2016 is there a different version of the FA2016 for AQ2013 or will it not make any difference? I don't want to get ready for the exam on the wrong syllabus if anyone could let me know would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hahmed
    Hahmed Registered Posts: 27
    Hi Aran if you are still doing the AQ2013 the FA2015 books will be relevant. If you are doing the AQ2016 then the FA2016 books will be needed. Do you have the pdf copy of the Business tax Fa2015 books if you do please can you forward them to me as I have my exam in Jan.
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