Xero, Bookkeping, AAT and self employment HELP!

Sorry for the very uncatchy title.

Basically, my partner runs a small LTD company, he does his bookkeeping (raising invoices, reconciling bank) on Xero. We have an accountant that does monthly management accounts, VAT return, Payroll and year end account (as well as our personal tax).

I worked in industry during my Level 2, but I'm now a 'stay at home mother', I've passed L3 and am currently studying L4.

My partner wants to bring more of the accounting function in house, I want to do more of the accounting function to solidify my learning but I just don't feel experienced enough, especially not on Xero. He doesn't want to change from Xero because he finds it very easy to use.

So my questions are:
-Is Xero 'accountant' friendly?
-Do people offer training on it?
-I have adviser access to Xero, is this enough? I think our sub runs through our accountant.
-Could I run it along side Sage to make my life easier?
-Is there an idiots guide to a year in business? Telling me what should I do and when?

Does this make sense? Basically I want to take on more responsibility to live up to my qualifications, but I don't want to get anything wrong and I don't want to be overwhelmed by a system I don't fully understand. I feel at the moment that I'm quite good at passing exams and that's about it!

I'm happy to let an accountant do our personal tax as I think I'd rather work in industry than practice (when children eventually go to school and I can go back to work) but VAT and management accounts I'd love to do. (I did do VAT returns before I left work but was assisted by a very rude and unhelpful manager who complicated it beyond belief for someone that had never studied it!).

Any thoughts, help or ideas greatly appreciated!


  • burg
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    Xero is very accountant friendly and will soon be the only bookkeeping programme we work with for all of our clients.

    Advisor is the highest access level so this wont be an issue.

    It's pretty simple to get your head around and Xero have loads of training - https://www.xero.com/uk/training/accountants-bookkeepers/s/accountants-bookkeepers/all-courses/1/?q=xero-certification

    Look at becoming Xero certified as that will cover pretty much everything you need to be able to do.

    Personally I would not run it along Sage aas their really is no need and you will just be doublign up your work. We give clients a series of videos (about 10 - 15mins) and this is usally sufficient for most to be able to do the majority of the data entry.

    Ask your accountant about the relevant deadlines for your business i.e. VAT, accounts and tax (possibly payroll too).

  • Neillaw
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    Welcome to industry!

    If your going to bring things in-house then it may be worth doing it bit at a time and having the account review your work before submission to make sure that things look ok.

    Most of my clients use the idiot guide of getting it wrong first time round and then learn from their mistakes.

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