AAT Level 2 Apprenticeship - Student Membership

LucySherwoodLucySherwood Posts: 8Registered
Hello, I am just about to start a level 2 apprenticeship and when I asked the training provider about the AAT membership they said that as it is an apprenticeship they get the membership for me. does anybody know if I still get access to the AAT website and the benefits such as the e-learning modules etc?


  • charlottemcclaircharlottemcclair BirminghamPosts: 16Registered
    you will get access to exactly the same e-learning and will have your own account on AAT your training provider will advise you of when they have done this. Good luck with your apprenticeship don't take your work experience for granted make sure you get out of it exactly what you want to.
  • LucySherwoodLucySherwood Posts: 8Registered
    Thank you! I defiantly won't take it for granted I have worked at my place of employment for 4 years but I have now been given the opportunity to train in accounting as well.
  • dickymintdickymint Posts: 1Registered
    I wonder why you are doing this AAT Apprenticeship using McArthur Morgan as your training provider
    rather than a local Tech College ? I ask this as the fees seem high for level 2 your advice would be
    appreciated as my son is possibly starting this course at Bedford University.
    Dickymint OAP
  • LucySherwoodLucySherwood Posts: 8Registered
    I have not heard of that training provider before, I do my apprenticeship through my local college but it is an AAT course.
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