Budgeting Practice paper 1 question 1.2D 2013 version

How do you get the answer to be 410? I have worked it out myself but I want to be sure i got it right. Please help


  • Shortages
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    I hope this helps as I may calculate this a long winded way.

    I did...

    350 hours x 60 (minutes in an hour) = 21,000 mins
    7410(units) x 3 (minutes per unit) = 22,230 mins

    Minus those 22,230-21,000= 1,230/3= 410

    If you wanted to do this via the hour, I calculated how many units can be made in an hour (60/3=20units), then 7410/20= 370.5, 350 hours available

    Difference between those is 20.5 (370.5-350) then x20 (20.5x 20) = 410

    Hope this helps! Whichever way is easiest for you :)
  • Deaniedani
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    Thank you. I actually used the figure 20 but didnt know where it came from. Thank you for the help. :)
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