Feb 2017 - Starting AAT L3 - Anyone else ?

Hi all,

I'm going to hopefully complete the L2 tomorrow and I'm starting the L3 next week.

I work full-time and decided attending in the class would be easier (in fact it is). I'd like to network with a few buddies that are in a similar situation so that we could share experiences/successes/joys/issues/questions, etc, helping to keep up the motivation/celebrating successes together, perhaps via linkedin/facebook and/or email for questions ?

Would anyone be interested ?

Good luck everyone!


  • Lenham_LassLenham_Lass Posts: 3Registered
    I completed Level 2 yesterday and signed up for level 3 this evening
  • norwich_alessionorwich_alessio NorwichPosts: 13Registered
    Is your L3 starting anytime soon?
    Feel free to send me a pm if you wish to network.
    I like the idea of sharing thoughts/experiences/clarifying any doubts with fellow students.
    Are you attending a class or online only?
    I'm coming from IT working with FP&A applications. While it's very unlikely that I will be working as an accountant, I believe the AAT certifications (inc L4) will definitely complete my profile.
  • Lenham_LassLenham_Lass Posts: 3Registered
    I'm distance learning so technically I've started
  • Lenham_LassLenham_Lass Posts: 3Registered
    I'm a primary school teacher ordinarily so no real experience... would be good to keep in contact so feel free to email/pm me
  • norwich_alessionorwich_alessio NorwichPosts: 13Registered
    Cool, I will send you a PM
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