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I think students should be able to review and understand exactly the specific questions they got wrong on their exams rather than a competent/non competent score.
I know it's often possible to review the score for each question (eg exceeded, met, below requirements, etc) but we have the technology to do that and it's actually helpful information.

Similar comment for the practice tests where results /tracking could be kept even for just a little while (other than giving correct answers only).

Are there any enhancements in the pipeline?


  • Mike Webster
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    Sadly the questions you have in your assessment remain live once you've finished and so go back into the pot for some other lucky person to have in their assessment. Therefore, as I see it, it's not possible to have your marked assessment to review - this has been one of my concerns (I'm an AAT lecturer) since the inception of computer based assessments in 2010 BUT I am convinced that if candidates were to spend more time learning to understand what (and why) they're doing something instead of just learning to pass an assessment, this wouldn't be so much of an issue.

    Take a tip and focus on the "whats" and "whys" of the knowledge and understanding for each unit and do not focus on the passing the assessment (although it's always a bonus to pass!)
    Michael JH Webster AATQB FMAAT
  • norwich_alessio
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    Thanks Mike,

    I see what you mean and while the what and why are absolutely fundamental for me, the score also is, specially when, with the new sillabus AAT is focusing on it even more.

    A pass is a pass, as they say, but the moment you can awarded with different grades, it all becomes more important and good for the CV as well.

    I found that on the last exam I didn't achieve the highest score on the spreadsheet part, which is testing on basics that are almost embarrassing... I found a couple of examples where actually wrong in the practicing tests and that's when I started wondering.
  • gadrepriya
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    I totally agree with Norwich. I'm a self studier. I received my results for personal tax on 24th December. I was incompetent. The results were in which topic I have exceeded and in which I'm below average.
    Someone who is self studying it does not make any sense unless I know where I'm going wrong. You are also not allowed to take the rough workings from the exam hall. So you don't remember exactly what was the question where you had gone wrong.
    Being CBT, the computer will give my answer wrong if I have not written the answer such as round off to 2 decimal places or calculate to the nearest day. So I will not come to know whether I have gone completely wrong or the answer was wrong being not rounded off to 2 decimal places. So its like banging your head against the wall where you don't know where you have gone wrong and can not ensure that you will not to the same error when you will resit for the exam.
    We must need some more explanation on the result sheet.
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