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Hi folks

I am researching the possibility of becoming a qualified self employed AAT book keeper as a side line to my other job as a qualified English/British Sign Language Interpreter. The theory goes that once qualified I could specialise within the self employed Interpreters out there (70% are freelance). It would also assist me with my own business if I ever want to become a freelance Interpreter. I gather that experience is also key so I have recently approached my union to seek a treasurer position and anticipate my sports club for similar reasons. I appreciate that there are a plethora of courses out there so just wanted to quickly run through the costs with you for one of them to check that it sounds cosha and if my plan mentioned above sounds reasonable.

The course is level 2&3 combined through a company called AVADO AAT recognised, distance learning with mentor support, materials and examination fees included at a fee of £1,595 plus £41.00 AAT 12 month membership costs.

I would really appreciate some feedback.

I look forward to your responses.


  • Bertie
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    Buy the study texts together with the practice question books.

    There is no need to pay for study support, there is ample support online.

    You'll save yourself a small fortune.
  • bonnie
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    Hi, I've just seen this post which covers some of my question.

    I started studying over 10 years ago for the accounts dip. and obtained a pass for the IAC section which covered double entry bookkeeping. Now I would like to return to learning but just studying for the Bookkeeping. I think that the exam I passed would be nearly identical to the level 2 in bookkeeping so I shouldn't need any study help.

    My question is how do I find out which books to buy for Level 2 Foundation in Bookkeeping? I'm struggling to find this info. online.

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